Gathering Peace for the New Year

The fields lie dormant, doing what they’re good at. They’re a great reminder to rest and soak it in. Review the year that’s past. Rest up for the new. Exhale. Oh, that felt good.

It’s time to live off the fat of the land, trusting that the land will once more grow fat. But that’s a while from now. Now, we just have trust that Spring will come again. But we can’t hurry that. We can simply prepare.

The light is returning, but oh, so slowly. Let us practice Peace, right here and right now. Let us become proficient at it. Because the time is coming when our skills will be tested.

You and I are the fields which will bear fruit in the time ahead. Much does not work toward Peace. But we will not lose heart. Peace, my friends.

Okay, maybe there were a few too many metaphors in this short piece, but none the less, we must both practice Peace and bear its fruit… And rest. It won’t be the first time you’ve had to keep a few things in your mind!


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