Next Stop, Peace!

I’m sure Joe kept himself sane through his lawyer years with hard cases for people whose lives were complicated and insecure by playing music.

He certainly added a lot to our lives through that time… But hooray, here comes retirement!

But now he has all the time he wants to explore his music for himself. I’ve heard a couple things. I really hope we’ll hear more. But I mostly hope that he gets to dig in and just have a good time. And of course I always hope he makes his beloved dance. She does love to dance!

Time for Joe to give his own Peace a chance. Lucky us!

Finishing the Work, Reaping the Peace

We have to find a way to bless the work we do. To accept that we’re here, we’re doing what we can, and to give ourselves a break. To bless this day and the work we have done.

If we can’t justify the rest at the end of the day, we can’t keep up. If we don’t stop and celebrate the small victories and mark the occasions, both those wildly important and those silly and wonderful, we’re wasting our lives.

Having a sense of accomplishment is important. And enjoying the moments of Peace and Beauty that the day offers is also important.

Let us do our work. Let us treasure our time. Work and Peace are very connected. But they’re connected by Rest and Enjoyment.

Let us pay attention. It’s a lovely life we’ve been given. We must enjoy it to it’s fullest even as we struggle to make sure that everyone can find space to enjoy…

Peace, my friends. At the end of each beautiful day. Peace.


Fields of Peace

This morning a friend reminded me that the field has a beautiful sky promising fair journey and maybe fair harbor if we do the work?

Some days, the weight of what lies ahead feels heavy and other days I remember that there are many hands making the work light and the journey a pleasure.

That’s where i need to keep my focus… because as Nell Morton so famously reminded us, the journey is home. Good company makes the journey so much more fun.

The sweetest blessing. Thanks for traveling with me and for helping me keep my eye on the distant prize…

Peace of the Snowy Field and the long Journey to you, my friends. And to me.