Koi, Spring, Peace

My friends, who are nature people, keep me connected to what’s happening this season.

This is the day we plant the beans, plant the beans, plant the beans.

And in one person’s life, this is the day we bring the Koi up from winter hibernation. Actually it happened a bit ago, because they’re now happily swimming in their beautiful pond.

If the Koi are in the pond, can dinner on the patio be far behind? No, it cannot.

My friend Emily’s house is an oasis. She loves to dig in the dirt. She loves to feed her birds. And she loves to grill. Oh, and she has a creek for sitting in. Luckily I have some talents she can appreciate, lest you think it’s all one-sided!

The rhythm of the Seasons offer Peace. We have to build toward Peace any way we can.