Dashing Flower Moon Peace

It’s no wonder people think we’re the center of the Universe. The other night, driving home along the river, it seemed so clear that the Moon was chasing me until she caught me and showed me the good road home.

In moments like that, it seems so easy to think we’re communing (ok, maybe it’s just me) with the Moon.

Because her soft light is reflected, she’s so much more approachable than the sun, at whom you can’t glance directly.

I love the notion of that intimacy, and I’m sure the Moon doesn’t mind the secrets I share. Maybe the Moon Goddess cares, maybe not, but she’s never disabused me of the sweet silliness of it.

And I love how she finds me and spills that golden path across the water. Swimming the Moon path may be one of my favorite things in the whole world… I love how she softens the landscape so that we can see possibility and move slowly toward our work of maintenance and restoration.

It’s such a private and quiet moment of Peace. The utter stillness and sweet contentment reminds me in those moments, that we are on this Earth to notice these moments and to help one another find the space for Peace, with ourselves, with the Earth, with one another. Let us Peace by the light of the Moon.



Reading Hope Into Peace

It’s gone on for years: wonderful women (and a few men) have opened their hearts and arms to class after class of kids who need a bit more.

They teach them structure and discipline and play. They help them get ready to start kindergarten on a level playing field. They teach them to play well and to settle disagreements peacefully. They teach them to fight fair. They teach them not to pick on one another. They teach them that their lives matter.

And isn’t that the most wonderful thing?

Kids whose start may be rocky are rocked against kind and talented women’s hearts.

Steve and I got to read and and teach them a song. I got to write a little children’s ditty. and that was so fun. And steve and I got to work together. and that was fun. And they were so grateful.

They were grateful? Once a year, we come in and act like stars. Every day they are stars. And they light the heavens of a whole generation of our children.

Everyday they love Peace into those children. And Possibility. And Hope. And a Future.

Oh, we give thanks!





Earth Day Peace!

Happy Earth Day!

I am so grateful for all the people who have started the movements, often from sweet and simple activities that monitor, care for and lobby for our beautiful planet.

I am so grateful for the beauty that keeps me moving out into the world, the incredible connections of the web of all life, and the simple pleasures of living on this planet.

I am so grateful for the visionaries who keep me dreaming of possibilities, the strategists who figure how we might work smarter and all those people who begin again, every morning, in love.

And that’s the challenge, isn’t it? To begin again in love, the slow, arduous, complicated trek toward Peace. Our Earth demands nothing less.


Breathing Pink Moon Peace

Breath. We’re not conscious enough about it. Particularly the exhale, because the inhale is automatic.

Far too many times when we’re doing something important, we forget to breathe.

Inhale, pause and then exhale and begin the work.

Inhale the fresh Promise of Spring and Possibility. That’s what this Pink Moon is all about. Pause to savor. and then exhale your dedication to Peace.

Every time you remember stop and do it again. Soon it will become part of your day. Inspiration. Savoring. Manifestation.

It was fascinating to watch the Fitzwilliam String Quartet get prepared to begin, to watch the stillness and then the breath… And then of course lovely to hear and watch them play.

Seeing people working together is such a wonderful reminder that we can work together. If people can make beautiful music together, can’t we make Peace?

Can’t we?

Can we breathe in and out and make Peace?




Hush for Pink Moon Peace!

Can you hear the birds? Oh, that’s the sound of a changed season.

And if you sit really quietly, I think you can hear the earth creak into Spring.

It’s exactly that being present to signs of Hope and the willingness to be part of the Possibilities that makes Peace something that can happen.

It takes us all. It’s not enough if i listen or you do. It’s not enough if you sing or I do. We have to do this together. Let’s sing Peace into existence along with the natural world!

Fanciful? yes. Possible? who knows?

Peace. Spring. Ideas whose time has come.


Needed: Pink Moon Sabbath Peace

The world needs a Peace that’s pregnant with possibilities. It needs a Peace that holds that Life is sacred and stops for a moment just to be present to it.

This weekend, which is the weekend of the first Sabbaths in the Pink Moon is just such a weekend to contemplate that Peace. Spring is, snow notwithstanding, burgeoning. This is a moment in time where everything seems possible.

Maybe we need to take a pause, relax and refresh ourselves… and as the song says: start all over again.

Right now, we’re watching one jihadist who grew from a basketball-loving kid — but there are thousands of them. The fault is not just in them, it is in a world that fosters that need for structured hate.

In moments when I feel most hopeless when I see what’s going on “over there,” I have to remember that some of that started here. I can’t do much about over there. I can do something, no matter how small about over here. Because today it’s Minneapolis, tomorrow it could be the Susquehanna Valley. Despair has made itself at home in a lot of people. And lest we point fingers at one religious group, let us remember our white supremacy groups of which my home state has so many. It’s the same hate, it just dresses differently.

We then, are the answer, the antidote, we and the inspiration of this beautiful spreading Spring and a new Moon of Possibilities. Let us pray… and then let us get to work!


Pink Moon Spring Peace

Or should that be Pink Moon Peace Springs? Whatever, it’s all here! The Pink Moon! Spring! In our area, it came in cloaked in lovely white snow. The Peace part is up to us.

It’s a wild and wonderful time as the weather dances back and forth. But we all know what direction it’s going! The phlox is going to win this. It’s her turn.

Peace? Is Peace going to carpet the world like the wild phlox?

Well, that Possibility is sort of up to us, isn’t it?


Moon Paths to Peace, Lunacy!

All my life I have been captivated by stories of people following the path to the Moon. I’ve fantasized about the glow on icy fields and love to watch the moon rise from behind the horizon to cast a path across water.

People tell legends about the rainbows, but it’s always been the moon for me. I’ve been in the ocean at moonrise and in ponds at moonset… and always the siren calls me… come here…

I love the Moon’s mystical call… I love that in my life her call has always been to Peace rather than adventure. (I sometimes think I’m not a very adventurous person — or at least that my notion of adventure is different than many’s. I have no need to climb mountains, but I have a great need to stop and admire… I know that’s not true for everyone, but it’s always been so for me.)

But what kind of Peace am I pursuing? You? It’s different for all of us and probably different at different times in our lives.

Sometimes I’m not ready to follow the path; although I can acknowledge its Possibilities. Sometimes I am content to simply watch and wonder… Peace of the Sugar Moon be with you!


New Ideas on Peace

It’s funny how one comment can change the way you think. There it is— something you’d never thought of before.

And now, because of that, all the possibilities are different.

Ideas sneak their way in, and then boom, there they are — little boxes filled with different colors and shades. One little thing and your life is revolutionized.

And then you need to weave it in. It’s not always easy; it can have implications for the way you see the past as well as the present… It’s not a huge idea in the way the world works. It’s just a huge idea for the way my life might work.

I happened to be “present” when this one wandered by me. You wonder how often you’re not present and other wonderful life changing events slither by…

But I’ll take this one, and widen my notion of Peace… Keep your eyes and ears out for wonder to shake your life… Because Peace is where we’re headed… (even I couldn’t work snow or the Moon into this… but whew, that full Moon pulled all the heat away from this little corner of the earth. Winter is indeed in full sway, and yet, the season like the Moon, changes…)



Spiraling toward Peace, llvl

Whether I’m writing or plotting a campaign, I find the way is never straightforward. Much of the time it takes to accomplish something is not the actual writing (or doing), it’s what’s needed to allow things to assemble themselves.

Really — aren’t brains remarkable? To think of little thought molecules flying apart and then reassembling while we wait (and — sometimes — wait and wait). Then there’s the need for that oh-so-important red pencil, because, really, just because one paragraph flows from the next doesn’t mean that you don’t have a detour on your hands.

And it doesn’t seem to matter how much attention I’ve put into things beforehand. I can travel around with a project on my heart for a week or so, and still find that nothing is straightforward… Ideas and projects seem to have minds of their own! And part of the realization is that the way is never straight, there’s no one direct line between here and there.

Maybe the process is simply one of making Peace with the slow and meandering nature of project-making, of allowing myself to be informed by the information I gather and the need that’s trying to express itself. I’m certainly grateful for the opportunity… but it does take time, which sometimes makes me grumpy.

And discipline… I never thought I’d be great at the discipline part, but I guess I simply didn’t have anything I cared about enough to hone a craft. But even daily and weekly repetition of the craft doesn’t eliminate or even dwindle the amount of time a project needs to become what you want it to be and what it wants to be. I find the words teach me. I may think I have a clear idea where a story’s going and then it picks up and moves. Then I have a lot of work to do to discern whether I’m getting closer or farther away from the heart of the matter.

The vision of a spiral does help, to consider on working downward and inward on ever tighter circles, coming constantly closer to the heart of the work is an image that sustains — but really… sometimes I long for work that I can just get out of the way. I guess I should take up ironing! I’m not sure how ironing will contribute to world Peace, however…

So I guess I’ll walk the Peace spiral, do the hard work, and be grateful. Not everyone has the possibility, the privilege, of waking up and doing what you love. I do. And I give thanks. Peace be with you on the crooked, meandering spiral of life.