Breathing Pink Moon Peace

Breath. We’re not conscious enough about it. Particularly the exhale, because the inhale is automatic.

Far too many times when we’re doing something important, we forget to breathe.

Inhale, pause and then exhale and begin the work.

Inhale the fresh Promise of Spring and Possibility. That’s what this Pink Moon is all about. Pause to savor. and then exhale your dedication to Peace.

Every time you remember stop and do it again. Soon it will become part of your day. Inspiration. Savoring. Manifestation.

It was fascinating to watch the Fitzwilliam String Quartet get prepared to begin, to watch the stillness and then the breath… And then of course lovely to hear and watch them play.

Seeing people working together is such a wonderful reminder that we can work together. If people can make beautiful music together, can’t we make Peace?

Can’t we?

Can we breathe in and out and make Peace?




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