Relax for Pink Moon Peace

Doesn’t it seem there are lots of things to DO this time of year? I’m particularly stuck on my taxes at the moment… but there’s lots of culling to get to. Paper, because, of course, taxes release you from paper. shred and recycle! It’s not just wild phlox that the Pink Moon brings!

Clothing, what do you never need to wear again? Laundry, gotta wash the things you’re going to get rid of AND the things you’re going to put away. (and since you don’t want to iron, you should probably wash the things you put away last summer, or at least throw them in the dryer with a wet wash cloth.) Books, because you probably just spent the winter reading. time for them to go!

The list gets pretty overwhelming and that’s just at home.

And everything has a deadline. oh, my goodness.

And relax. because you know what? you can only do what you can do.

And you’re driving yourself crazy. (and probably your friends.)

I get nuts about this stuff. I make doing my taxes SOOOOOOO hard. It takes two days. I go through stacks of paper and add things up. oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh! I whine.

And why?

Because at the end of it, it’s done. I have all the papers, not precisely neatly filed, but available. and i can use a calculator.

But I missed the mark this year. And then I spent a lot of time beating myself up about it. What a useful employment of time, eh? And a great way not to get the job done. And partially, i planned wrong. I should never do things on a Monday. I’m too worn out from the weekend. I’m good a small chores on Mondays. Not monumental projects. And quite frankly the end of the week is usually a dash toward Sundays. so Ann, make a note.

So today, hysteria’s over,  my taxes will be done shortly, and I will reschedule my meeting.

And Peace will reign at my house. What was good this year was that I (eventually) made the space to do it differently. Let’s see if I can continue to apply this wisdom to the daily living of life and completing of chores. (i wouldn’t hold my breath, i’m an old dog!)

And as a prize, today, i get to take out the recycling! Hurrah! Peace takes many forms in our lives.



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