New Ideas on Peace

It’s funny how one comment can change the way you think. There it is— something you’d never thought of before.

And now, because of that, all the possibilities are different.

Ideas sneak their way in, and then boom, there they are — little boxes filled with different colors and shades. One little thing and your life is revolutionized.

And then you need to weave it in. It’s not always easy; it can have implications for the way you see the past as well as the present… It’s not a huge idea in the way the world works. It’s just a huge idea for the way my life might work.

I happened to be “present” when this one wandered by me. You wonder how often you’re not present and other wonderful life changing events slither by…

But I’ll take this one, and widen my notion of Peace… Keep your eyes and ears out for wonder to shake your life… Because Peace is where we’re headed… (even I couldn’t work snow or the Moon into this… but whew, that full Moon pulled all the heat away from this little corner of the earth. Winter is indeed in full sway, and yet, the season like the Moon, changes…)



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