Moon Paths to Peace, Lunacy!

All my life I have been captivated by stories of people following the path to the Moon. I’ve fantasized about the glow on icy fields and love to watch the moon rise from behind the horizon to cast a path across water.

People tell legends about the rainbows, but it’s always been the moon for me. I’ve been in the ocean at moonrise and in ponds at moonset… and always the siren calls me… come here…

I love the Moon’s mystical call… I love that in my life her call has always been to Peace rather than adventure. (I sometimes think I’m not a very adventurous person — or at least that my notion of adventure is different than many’s. I have no need to climb mountains, but I have a great need to stop and admire… I know that’s not true for everyone, but it’s always been so for me.)

But what kind of Peace am I pursuing? You? It’s different for all of us and probably different at different times in our lives.

Sometimes I’m not ready to follow the path; although I can acknowledge its Possibilities. Sometimes I am content to simply watch and wonder… Peace of the Sugar Moon be with you!


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