Upwelling Gratitude: Fuel for Peace

There is so much for which to be grateful. And sometimes it feels impossible to see that — because there is so much that is completely out of sync in our world.

And that is the invitation and the challenge. Where in the midst of this do we find those things worth celebrating. And how do we do that in such a way so as not to be ridiculous in the face of the things that need facing?

Always fascinating this life! But I’m pretty sure that gratitude leads to Peace. So let’s give thanks and let’s Peace!

Gratitude, Generosity, Peace

There was no better day for making the ask. I was reeling from the news in Syria. Both parts of it. Feeling out of control and off center. And yes, I can persist, and I will with my pacifism… but this is a huge and complicated issue and I have no idea what makes sense when nothing make sense.

But we go back to thinking globally and acting locally. There’s a new family coming. Hoping for a new start. So I can ask their new neighbors… and they’ll fill in. And they have

The responses have been extraordinary. Far more than they’ll need, but they’ll keep it for the migrants who are coming. And they will feel empowered and generous as well.

I give thanks for this community and the work we are so willing to do. It helps me trust in Peace.

Gratitude and Peace

The old year ends and the new year begins.

And so we give thanks. For the reminders of all we have gained with the passing of those gifts. For the surprises that entered our lives, that often, even if totally expected, change our lives and hearts in totally unexpected ways.

And so, even if our hearts are sore, we give thanks. and with all the Love we have gained, and all the Love that now sings only in memories, we look toward the new year, infinitely stronger for the Love we have known. We keep our hands open so that love may leave and come again…

Full hearts, even when tender, make Peace with determination. And oh, our world needs Peace.

Giving Thanks for Peace Received

Looking at empty fields can remind us of how long it is until green begins to sprout — or it can remind us of the bounty the field offered up to nourish and delight us.

It’s our choice — do we choose to see the lack or do we decide to be filled with the memory of goodness?

I don’t know whether it was my mom who said this, but somewhere I found this and it’s become part of my personal mantra… begin as you mean to go on… I’m going to choose thankfulness.

I’ll keep deliberately choosing it until it becomes a habit.

There’s a lot of fear out there, it’s good to strengthen ourselves with all we have. It’s good to give thanks… Nothing prepares us better for generosity than gratitude. Nothing prepares us better for Peace.

If you’re traveling this weekend, please come safely home! I’m grateful for you and treasure your life and love.


Peace from the Little Things

Let’s hear it for the little things. Let’s hear it for those who take the time to make the little things lovely.

And then let us dedicate ourselves to saying thank you. Practicing not just generous tipping but also that looking your server in the eye and saying thanks, this little gift changes my life.

When people do things that make you stop and notice, stop and notice. Be appreciative.

The more appreciative you are (not smarmy, just appreciative!) the more generous and painstaking people will be with the next thing they do.

I believe that Gratitude and Generosity beget each other, beget Peace.


Gratitude and Peace Are Bigger Than We Think

People think a thank you is a simple thing.

In one sense that’s true. Just a simple thank you. It’s what we need to hear from time to time. It’s what needs to fall easily from our lips and our hearts. Let’s thank people for their generosity — fact is, it makes people more generous when we do!

But true Gratitude extends beyond that, I think. It looks at the Bounty and helps you to understand that it include sharing. Here’s all this wonder… now how do I give back? Who needs what I have?

When we’re delighted with the Abundance, the best way to say thanks is to give it away — abundantly. In a way that inspires others to do the same. What a lovely thought, creating cascades of Bounty!

Cascades of Bounty, people sharing with others, can lead to cascades of Peace. Fill up. Pass it on. Peace.


Making Time for Peace

You think life looks one way and it does, for a while. And then it changes. And so do you.

Waking on my 64th, somewhat bemused that this is where I am in life, I’m aware of two things:

  1. How very lucky I’ve been in love and family and life experience.
  2. How precious the time we have is.

So we need to make it count. We must be thankful and celebrate, that’s for certain. We must also be accountable. It falls to us to make it wonderful for others. We’re the ones to make Peace. We’re the only ones who can.

So thank you. Thank you so much!

There have been times in my life when I’ve felt that the losses in my life have left huge crevices that will never be filled — but the sweet friendship and kindness of so many are brilliant stones and shining pearls that have filled up those crevices with Beauty. The ache for those gone before is replaced by astonishment for those here. What’s not to celebrate?

Love! Peace! Blessings! oh, Hurrah!


The Peace Between Goodbye and Hello

I love living where I do. But I also loved living where I lived.

I love my friends from other pieces of my life as much as I adore the ones from this life.

I feel lucky and privileged and loved.

So today, as I stand one foot still in the land I visited and the other stretching toward home, I have to remember that the place in between is also lovely and can be filled with the Peace of both Gratitude and Anticipation. Remembering, Reflecting, Making new memories… all of it. Peace!

Gratitude too for the Ripe Garden Moon. The last day comes not today, but tomorrow!