My Own Little Jelly Beans of Peace

Sometimes, not often, not always, but sometimes, it’s okay not to share.

It’s a delicate balance to find.

It’s a delicate balance to keep.

But those silly precious moments ground us, fuel us and send us back out into the world to do the work we have to do.

You just have to know what are jellybeans that don’t matter and what are things that do matter… or even when jellybeans do matter. And then we Peace. Either fueled by our secret stash of jellybeans or by our shared stash… either way, Peace. The little things only matter when we allow them to be more important than Peace.

Pointing to Peace and Bounty

There’s a lot to be said for sharing. Probably the first thing is that we should do it. We should do it all the time in ways both big and small.

Sharing says that we believe there is enough. And when you look at life, there is so often so much more than enough. There is Abundance.

Learning to share with open hands and hearts… and, oh, right, minds, means making Peace. And that is the whole goal in life. To make Peace. To spread Peace. To share it…



Gratitude and Peace Are Bigger Than We Think

People think a thank you is a simple thing.

In one sense that’s true. Just a simple thank you. It’s what we need to hear from time to time. It’s what needs to fall easily from our lips and our hearts. Let’s thank people for their generosity — fact is, it makes people more generous when we do!

But true Gratitude extends beyond that, I think. It looks at the Bounty and helps you to understand that it include sharing. Here’s all this wonder… now how do I give back? Who needs what I have?

When we’re delighted with the Abundance, the best way to say thanks is to give it away — abundantly. In a way that inspires others to do the same. What a lovely thought, creating cascades of Bounty!

Cascades of Bounty, people sharing with others, can lead to cascades of Peace. Fill up. Pass it on. Peace.


Bounty and Peace

We spend much of our time aware of how little we have…but really, there is so much. There are places and people, peoples really, who don’t have enough, but this weather should be a strong reminder to share.

This hot, humid weather that makes us grown makes the vegetables grow!

I’m overwhelmed by the deliciousness!

It’s moving toward the start of school and families get together to celebrate.

This family got together to make pizzas…

Instead of complaining about the heat, let’s look at this time of richness and remember: we can do something to make a difference; we have the resources. We can share the abundance; we can distribute the plenty.

Peace comes from sharing what we have.


Rejoice! Summer Food Can Offer Summer Peace

It’s easy to get excited about summer foods. They just keep popping up in the garden begging to be taken in and eaten. Even I can occasionally be bestirred to make something! How am i going to use those fresh out of the garden potatoes my friend gave me? Something wonderful must happen, soon!

Imagine if we were to sit with strangers and eat a fresh tomato… or share a delicious peach. Wouldn’t that put us in harmony with each other?

There are so many ways to make Peace… We could take advantage of the little ones so we can build to the bigger ones. Do things now that kept us wanting to please each other. When you make someone happy with a fresh yummy goodness, their response makes you want to do it again.

That’s the joy of Peace. You do something sweet and people respond with surprise and enjoyment. So you do it again. Make a little Peace. Make a little more. It adds up… and it makes us all give thanks for Summer and the bounty of the garden. Take a look, the abundance is overwhelming. Grow it, buy it, share it; it’s grand.

Eat something from the garden for Peace. Share it with a friend or a stranger! The sweetness on your tongue can become sweetness in the world — if you determine to make it so! Summer Tastes! Summer Sharing! Summer Peace!


Peace: When Sharing Is Not Overrated

What we’ve come to think of as sharing tends to be the detailing loads of intimate information.

We try to teach our littles to share. Let Timmy play with your toy, Sally.

But as we get older, we’re often not so good at letting others play with our toys. (I had to stop and look this up. This sentence should read: as we become more affluent we’re often not to good at letting others play with our toys. What I was really interested in in this part is that rich people who live in economically diverse communities give more… We notice our neighbors.)

So then I looked up volunteering. Americans do it; but even those numbers are wonky.

And the clubs we join these days are not communal clubs but health clubs. We get our exercise alone… We don’t join fraternal organizations as frequently, even though there are more of them.

December and the Holidays are when people do think about others a bit more… but sharing with others, not just our resources, but also our hearts is something we need to do all year long. We don’t need to do this simply for our neighbors or our community, we need to do it because it fulfills us — and because we have so much. Everyone becomes more generous when someone models sharing… It changes the world. Softens it and enriches it.

Sharing helps us understand another’s view point, to see new possibilities.

Life is so much fuller when we share. We begin to Love people for who they are and how they think and live. We need to share because that makes Peace more possible. By any measure, that’s a good thing!

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Partnership. Peace.

I like working on projects with people. I just don’t necessarily like working on projects together with people.

I am so lucky. I have a few partners across a couple areas of my life, with whom I play well.

I don’t play well with everyone, it’s true. I don’t like working on things where everyone works together trying to accomplish the same thing. I like working on things where everyone works together doing those things their best at doing and adding that to the project.

We’ve been doing this together long enough that we know what one another’s strengths are and can sort the job so that the right people are working on the right jobs. We also know enough about one another that we can begin to include the beginnings of their thinking in the work that we do. We aren’t afraid to push our work out to one another when it’s time for it to be polished.

What this means is that, for the most part, I wind up getting to do the work I’m good at, the work it takes me less time to do, the work I can really add something to. They do to.

What it also means is that the work we do together is so much better, sounder, grander, more possible, more polished than anything I’d do on my own.

Now, there are some jobs I do on my own and I do them well, and I enjoy them. Partnership has its place. But it also has its Peace.