Upwelling Gratitude: Fuel for Peace

There is so much for which to be grateful. And sometimes it feels impossible to see that — because there is so much that is completely out of sync in our world.

And that is the invitation and the challenge. Where in the midst of this do we find those things worth celebrating. And how do we do that in such a way so as not to be ridiculous in the face of the things that need facing?

Always fascinating this life! But I’m pretty sure that gratitude leads to Peace. So let’s give thanks and let’s Peace!

Pouncing for Peace

We need big goofy dogs in our lives, in our lakes and on our fb feed to remind us sheer goofy joy.

Dogs just wanna have fun. And they so often do.

We want to have fun, and we so often miss the mark.

As serious as things are in this world, and they seem at the moment, more serious than they have for a long time, delighting in being alive is a requirement. Somewhere, someone, I can’t remember who said (something like): Delight is the thanks we owe the Creator.

Can there be a truer statement? Even in the work to be done, enjoy the playful moments.

Peace is filled with delight! Give thanks, and what the heck, pounce a little!

Thanksgiving Peace 2016

Thinking of all of you wishing us Peace and thanksgiving in this tumultuous year.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t escape thoughts of Standing Rock and watching America break Peace with our Native Americans. I’m heart-broken, horrified and trying not to shut down. Need to stay aware of what’s happening.

We all have a delicate balance… Gratitude is always important. And there is so much for me to be grateful for.  I hope there is much for you…

And there are many who are frightened. And many who do without. Let us remember them. Let us be generous as well as thankful.

But let us also be thankful for food and family — and as one friend reminded me, but many of you celebrate — football. Demand Peace at the table. I know there’s not much hope for that in the den in front of the games! But cousins are together; let us be together in Peace.