Thanksgiving Peace 2016

Thinking of all of you wishing us Peace and thanksgiving in this tumultuous year.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t escape thoughts of Standing Rock and watching America break Peace with our Native Americans. I’m heart-broken, horrified and trying not to shut down. Need to stay aware of what’s happening.

We all have a delicate balance… Gratitude is always important. And there is so much for me to be grateful for.  I hope there is much for you…

And there are many who are frightened. And many who do without. Let us remember them. Let us be generous as well as thankful.

But let us also be thankful for food and family — and as one friend reminded me, but many of you celebrate — football. Demand Peace at the table. I know there’s not much hope for that in the den in front of the games! But cousins are together; let us be together in Peace.


The End of Baseball Peace in 2016

There’s nothing to say, since it’s all over, and there’s everything to say, since the Cubbies won. It was, from all reports, a great series. The teams were well matched; good baseball was played; and the longest drought in baseball history was ended.

Peace happened. Even for folks like me who barely know that baseball is a thing. And now, for a while it isn’t and won’t be…

With the superbowl safely in the future, we can all fret about the election. I keep breathing, keep trying to find the Peace in the now, knowing what ever happens we will have much Peacing to do. Peace be with us all.