Beautiful Sabbath Dawn to Ease our Souls

A new day.

I remember the mornings after receiving horrible news, when you start awake, realizing what you’ve lost; that everything awful is true; that you’ll always live life differently than before.

And yet even then, morning brings an insistent reminder that the world continues. Even then, the world tries to say there is beauty, even if you’re not ready to look.

Eventually you awaken and, one day, find the world beautiful, even if only for a second before reality reminds you that life is hard.

Life is hard and filled with loss. But it is also beautiful, and we can fill it with hope.

We remember the fallen with love. We gather the pieces of our hearts. We endure. And eventually, we move forward in love. We move forward into Peace. You just have to keep living long enough to find the Joy again. Wishing you Peace in all your struggles, even those as monumental as this one was.


Making Time for Peace

You think life looks one way and it does, for a while. And then it changes. And so do you.

Waking on my 64th, somewhat bemused that this is where I am in life, I’m aware of two things:

  1. How very lucky I’ve been in love and family and life experience.
  2. How precious the time we have is.

So we need to make it count. We must be thankful and celebrate, that’s for certain. We must also be accountable. It falls to us to make it wonderful for others. We’re the ones to make Peace. We’re the only ones who can.

So thank you. Thank you so much!

There have been times in my life when I’ve felt that the losses in my life have left huge crevices that will never be filled — but the sweet friendship and kindness of so many are brilliant stones and shining pearls that have filled up those crevices with Beauty. The ache for those gone before is replaced by astonishment for those here. What’s not to celebrate?

Love! Peace! Blessings! oh, Hurrah!


The Ties that Bind Us to Peace

I was caught off guard. It’s not that I don’t miss them all individually. And sometimes I miss the family. I know a lot of people who know that I lost them. But I don’t know many people who knew us together.

But when El walked in, and I’ve not seen her since Deb died, it opened floodgates that had obviously been lurking.

I was home. I was safe. And there were memories here to pull out and sort through. I had a long drive to do that very thing. It was very sweet. It was very sad. But I not only got to see my very dear friends, I got little snippets of my family back when I least expected it.

Love is so very sweet, even when it’s sad… even when it’s hard. Our work is to find the Peace in Love.