Gratitude, Generosity, Peace

There was no better day for making the ask. I was reeling from the news in Syria. Both parts of it. Feeling out of control and off center. And yes, I can persist, and I will with my pacifism… but this is a huge and complicated issue and I have no idea what makes sense when nothing make sense.

But we go back to thinking globally and acting locally. There’s a new family coming. Hoping for a new start. So I can ask their new neighbors… and they’ll fill in. And they have

The responses have been extraordinary. Far more than they’ll need, but they’ll keep it for the migrants who are coming. And they will feel empowered and generous as well.

I give thanks for this community and the work we are so willing to do. It helps me trust in Peace.

Neighbors, Art, Peace and Neighbors’ Art Peace

Living local. It matters. There’s so much that happens where we live. But we don’t always appreciate that. We want to go somewhere else, do something bigger, “better,” than where we are.

But where we are has plenty of wonder and plenty of wonderful stuff. Our lives right here can be wild and colorful.

It’s odd we so often choose not to see and enjoy the color of our lives, that we can cling to the lack — but really… it’s pretty grand. And we can help make that so. So let’s Neighbor. Let’s Art. Let’s Peace. Let’s go back to living la vida local! Proud and Outloud… and giggling all the Way. There’s Peace in that!



Together, We can Peace

I don’t understand why Peace isn’t an active verb. If we Love, we should Peace. I believe this.

I believe that this neighborhood Peaced. They looked at the ugliness and decided the way through it was together.

A few amazing things happened. One, they supported a couple who had been made to feel like “others,” not part of the group. Two, they came together as neighbors. Three, they moved, probably some of them beyond their comfort zone, to do so.

It’s a little story, probably a common one. In a world where we love bad news, here is sweet and uplifting news. Here is possibility. Here is change. Here is Peace. Hurrah!


Snow Day Peace

We had a very benign snow, there really didn’t seem to be any downsides to this one. No school missed; no parents scrambling to find someone to cover the kids at home. Not enough snow to do much besides ground us for a bit in our neighborhoods.

Lots of neighborhood chats and laughter. It was grand and it was beautiful. Life in snow-motion — ah…

I know if it was all the time, it would be wearing. And had it been a lot more, it can be dangerous. But because it was the weekend, what I saw was facebook filling up with neighborhoods pulling together: everyone came out and streets were cleared, parking spots were made and so were sledding hills. I read about pop-up hot chocolate stands and laughter.

There were a lot of happy children. And a fair number of happy adults.

Snow’s fun. and it’s just beautiful. So here’s to snow days. Here’s to good neighbors! Here’s to the Peace of Now days. Hurrah!


Collaborative Peace

It’s not that it’s such a big deal that two small communities should try to work together and share resources and energy. Or maybe it shouldn’t be such a big deal but it is.

Today I met with representatives from another congregation from a very different tradition. It was lovely to dream just a little and to work at what the boundaries might be that would keep us good neighbors and maybe make us a lot better neighbors, not only to each other but to our larger community.

We each harbor sweet dreams of Peace. Today, we harbored them together. That was pretty great.

Let’s find more people to do that with, shall we? Peace. Sweet Peace. We need to find you.

I see a new Moon arising — and no, it’s not trouble I see on its way, it’s Hope.