Snow Day Peace

We had a very benign snow, there really didn’t seem to be any downsides to this one. No school missed; no parents scrambling to find someone to cover the kids at home. Not enough snow to do much besides ground us for a bit in our neighborhoods.

Lots of neighborhood chats and laughter. It was grand and it was beautiful. Life in snow-motion — ah…

I know if it was all the time, it would be wearing. And had it been a lot more, it can be dangerous. But because it was the weekend, what I saw was facebook filling up with neighborhoods pulling together: everyone came out and streets were cleared, parking spots were made and so were sledding hills. I read about pop-up hot chocolate stands and laughter.

There were a lot of happy children. And a fair number of happy adults.

Snow’s fun. and it’s just beautiful. So here’s to snow days. Here’s to good neighbors! Here’s to the Peace of Now days. Hurrah!


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