Um, Lots of Snow Peace, It Seems

It’s March. In fact it’s March being particularly March. Warm weather one week and a couple feet of snow the next.

I know people are upset because it’s been so warm and now there’s snow, and it’s a late one… But the upset about it’s having been so warm and now it’s not, should really be an upset about the fact that in February and March, we had unprecedentedly warm weather.

Climate change doesn’t cause the snow, it causes daffodils in early March.

But today, if you live in Central PA — or almost anywhere in PA — it’s a good day to make Peace with snow, because Snow certainly seems to be there, hanging out and accumulating its friends!

Peace, my dears, and be careful.

Ahh… Full Snow Moon Peace

“I was up all night,” my friend said. “The Moon (on the breast of the new-fallen snow) was so beautiful. How could you sleep?

Cold, cold night. Cold, bright, beautiful Moon and a couple of dazzling planets. And stars galore.

It’s enough to make you stop and catch your breath in wonder.

And anything that makes us stop and catch our breath in wonder, is a thing that connects us all. And that’s where Peace can begin to fill up the spaces between us. Another beautiful moon tonight, if the clouds let us see it. But beauty all around!

Here’s to you and snow and wonder and full Moons and Peace.

Snow Is Snowing; Peace is Peacing

Well, the snow seems to have stopped and is now dripping off the branches. I love the snow and the Winter Wonderland it creates. Sorry, aren’t going to get me to whine about it. It’s altogether too beautiful. We could use the beauty to help us to remember what a gift Life is.

And Peace? Well, are we making it? Because if we’re not, nothing’s happening. And we have a world sorely in need of it.

We must Peace. (and then hope there’s enough snow to play in!)

Snow Day Peace

We had a very benign snow, there really didn’t seem to be any downsides to this one. No school missed; no parents scrambling to find someone to cover the kids at home. Not enough snow to do much besides ground us for a bit in our neighborhoods.

Lots of neighborhood chats and laughter. It was grand and it was beautiful. Life in snow-motion — ah…

I know if it was all the time, it would be wearing. And had it been a lot more, it can be dangerous. But because it was the weekend, what I saw was facebook filling up with neighborhoods pulling together: everyone came out and streets were cleared, parking spots were made and so were sledding hills. I read about pop-up hot chocolate stands and laughter.

There were a lot of happy children. And a fair number of happy adults.

Snow’s fun. and it’s just beautiful. So here’s to snow days. Here’s to good neighbors! Here’s to the Peace of Now days. Hurrah!


Snowy Sabbath Peace

No, really snowy. We cancelled church. I’ve never heard of such a thing! But we’re a regional church so people are coming from long distances.

It’s so beautiful outside. It was gorgeous yesterday when it was snowing and the neighborhood was out in it, and talking to one another. It was gorgeous last night when the snow stopped and it was silent. It was gorgeous this morning when Venus peeked in my window and woke me up. And today it is bright and sunny and the snow is white and beautiful.

Here I am with a day to myself. Reading. Lunch with a friend. A snow angel or two if i can find the space.

I hope it’s a beautiful day for you as well. Peace.

And as I revel in the beauty, I’m so aware of the folk who are snowed in, people who have lost their lives driving in the snow. People who are without heat. A woman I know who is out on the ocean because her boat can’t dock in a city overwhelmed by snow. May they be safe and warm.

And those trees. tracing their wisdom on the sky. May we learn from them. May we consider well the glorious of our world…


Winter Peace — At Last

It started, at long last, with ice on the river. Finally. Winter was showing up. Put on all those warm clothes; it’s mitten season! Hurrah!

And then, last night, snow. Beautiful, beautiful snow.

What I love about snow, more than anything is the quiet. The world stills. it’s wonderful.

Shhhhh. It’s snowing. The Peace of a silenced world.

Yes. I know I am privileged to have warm shelter and adequate food. We’re not frightened by threats of heavy winds and blackouts in the cold. My feet are steady and so far there’s no ice. My prayers are that people be safe…

But here where I live, it is quiet.

I was a bit grumpy when, snuggled in my bed, I heard the snow blower. They’re so loud!

But then I looked out the window and he was cleaning my walks. Um hard to complain too much… Now all I have to do is keep up with the sweeping.

And the muffling snow continues… Naps! Books! Cooking! Shoveling! Delight! and oh, right… finish that sermon!

My wish for you is that there is beauty in the Winter that surrounds you. And that you are safe and warm. May you find Delight. May you find Peace.

Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow!





Staying the Peace Course

That is what I long for. This is what I have.

Sometimes, when the question is one of, say, Peace, what you long for is what you work for. Sometimes when the question is one of, say, the weather, what you long for is a) a waste of time and b) ignoring what is beautiful just as is.

I love snow. It’s so beautiful. The snow in this picture is light and fluffy and fun to shovel.

I know that it’s dangerous. So many people have a hard time getting around when the snow’s on the ground. It’s slippery and can be inconvenient.

But dreaming of snow does not pile it up outside my window. This morning we have a beautiful frigid day. This is winter. This is the Winter I have. This is the Winter I will love.

I’ll wrap up and go out in it, to have a meeting on a topic that sizzles.

Winter. It is what it is. and there is life to be lived in it and Peace to be worked for. But truth? I’ll still welcome snow when it arrives!

May we be with Peace.