Staying the Peace Course

That is what I long for. This is what I have.

Sometimes, when the question is one of, say, Peace, what you long for is what you work for. Sometimes when the question is one of, say, the weather, what you long for is a) a waste of time and b) ignoring what is beautiful just as is.

I love snow. It’s so beautiful. The snow in this picture is light and fluffy and fun to shovel.

I know that it’s dangerous. So many people have a hard time getting around when the snow’s on the ground. It’s slippery and can be inconvenient.

But dreaming of snow does not pile it up outside my window. This morning we have a beautiful frigid day. This is winter. This is the Winter I have. This is the Winter I will love.

I’ll wrap up and go out in it, to have a meeting on a topic that sizzles.

Winter. It is what it is. and there is life to be lived in it and Peace to be worked for. But truth? I’ll still welcome snow when it arrives!

May we be with Peace.



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