Snowy Sabbath Peace

No, really snowy. We cancelled church. I’ve never heard of such a thing! But we’re a regional church so people are coming from long distances.

It’s so beautiful outside. It was gorgeous yesterday when it was snowing and the neighborhood was out in it, and talking to one another. It was gorgeous last night when the snow stopped and it was silent. It was gorgeous this morning when Venus peeked in my window and woke me up. And today it is bright and sunny and the snow is white and beautiful.

Here I am with a day to myself. Reading. Lunch with a friend. A snow angel or two if i can find the space.

I hope it’s a beautiful day for you as well. Peace.

And as I revel in the beauty, I’m so aware of the folk who are snowed in, people who have lost their lives driving in the snow. People who are without heat. A woman I know who is out on the ocean because her boat can’t dock in a city overwhelmed by snow. May they be safe and warm.

And those trees. tracing their wisdom on the sky. May we learn from them. May we consider well the glorious of our world…


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