Strategies for Peace

How do we work together for Peace?

How do you and I work well together? What do we have that we share.

The more we hear about hate, the more need there is for our voices to be lifted and our hands to be joined.

What we want and how we get from where we are to where we need to be — those are questions to be asked… and answered.

This is a strategy game worth playing. Collaboration is the tool. Peace.


Collaborative Peace

It’s not that it’s such a big deal that two small communities should try to work together and share resources and energy. Or maybe it shouldn’t be such a big deal but it is.

Today I met with representatives from another congregation from a very different tradition. It was lovely to dream just a little and to work at what the boundaries might be that would keep us good neighbors and maybe make us a lot better neighbors, not only to each other but to our larger community.

We each harbor sweet dreams of Peace. Today, we harbored them together. That was pretty great.

Let’s find more people to do that with, shall we? Peace. Sweet Peace. We need to find you.

I see a new Moon arising — and no, it’s not trouble I see on its way, it’s Hope.