Neighbors, Art, Peace and Neighbors’ Art Peace

Living local. It matters. There’s so much that happens where we live. But we don’t always appreciate that. We want to go somewhere else, do something bigger, “better,” than where we are.

But where we are has plenty of wonder and plenty of wonderful stuff. Our lives right here can be wild and colorful.

It’s odd we so often choose not to see and enjoy the color of our lives, that we can cling to the lack — but really… it’s pretty grand. And we can help make that so. So let’s Neighbor. Let’s Art. Let’s Peace. Let’s go back to living la vida local! Proud and Outloud… and giggling all the Way. There’s Peace in that!



HNY, LLVL, Peace

Whew! there are a whole buncho assignments! Is it possible to have a happy year, to live la vida local and to keep stretching out toward Peace?

I guess I think that the openness to the new (built on the old), the decision to pay attention leads us down the road toward Peace. Provided, of course that we agree that others in the world are invited to walk those paths with us.

Consciousness. Wonder. Love. Determination. All supremely difficult and challenging; all consummately simple. So, reflect a little. Determine to fill 2014 to the brim with wonderful memories. Commit to laughing a lot, a lot, a lot. And crying once in a while. Dream deeply. Resign yourself to the constant starting over a little smarter a little saner. Keep going down that Peace Road.

It could be a great year. Many more people might have what they need and the space to become who they’re meant to be. We could claim that space because the likelihood is if you’re reading me, you have a great many options. And then we could start expanding that space for others.

Want to resolve something? Resolve that you’ll be as kind as you’re meant to be. As generous. As observant. As happy. And then make it so. You’re already a wonder! Peace in 2014.

(and how about Deb’s opening photo? Pretty great, eh? Here’s to Deb Slade and her challenges to appreciate the beauty where we are.)