Night, Winter, Peace

I’ve been out every night this week. It’s been cold. It’s been snowy. It’s been starry. It’s been cloudy. It’s been beautiful.

Every night. The cold is dangerous (right, please put your coats on teenagers, this is real cold. And remember, before you start complaining, the Sun is dangerous, too!) But the beauty is worth negotiating the trials. The stars. The snow. Even the bracing cold… that air in your lungs is clarifying. I love the high dark starry skies and the low grey snowy ones.

Button up your overcoat. Get out there and be part of the Beauty. That enjoyment you feel is the same enjoyment everyone does!

Peace in the Winter Dark. Ahhhh… Share it with me.

Snuggling Into Winter Peace

You really are supposed to get more sleep in winter. Our bodies are built to sleep when it’s dark.

Mine agrees with the sunlight. I force myself to go to bed earlier and I grumble if I can’t sleep later than usual.

It’s about repairing and filling up. We not only owe ourselves that, we owe our lives that. Rest and regeneration. Quiet times at home. Candlelight. Laughter. Peace.

Right, we have some Peace to make in the quiet. and Peace to plot about. Peace to dream about! Can’t dream without sleep!


Magnificent Dark Moon Peace Sky

Immediately after posting yesterday, I was poking around on FB and lo! and behold, my niece had just posted an incredible vid of the Andromeda Galexy that NASA has released. You thought you were insignificant yesterday, simply staring up at the stars? Whew!

My friend Jim reminded me of the importance of our task as appreciator of the beauty.

I find that the beauty moves me even more strongly to embrace Peace, to declare myself its ally and one of its creators.

The Universe reminds us that there is both overwhelming Abundance and breath-taking Beauty. Let’s lean back, look up, remember that our neighbors are just as awestruck as we, and let’s make a celebration of Peace and Love.

It may be through out this year as we look at the Moon with Lorraine’s beautiful Moon Shots and reflect on the Lunacy of Peace to which the Moon calls us, that the Dark Moon might become a very special celebration of the festival of the Dark of the Moon — the time when we stop and take stock of the immensity of our Cosmos and the call to respond to that wonder and awe with Peace.



Lunacy’s Wild Peace

I started writing about the Moon for a few reasons. The list grew as I was writing about it…

One. I’ve always loved the Moon. I love that she is calm and reflective. I love that she is beautiful. I love that she changes yet remains the same. I love that she calls to me.

Two. She rules our lives in ways we don’t often acknowledge… she particularly plays with the tides of women’s bodies. (I almost remember).

Three. She rules the Night. As a culture, we aren’t out in the night anymore. Bad things happen we’re told. Women get rapped, be afraid. And we do. More often we’re raped at home, so better we should get outside for a breath of fresh Air once in a while. Because the Dark is Beautiful and so is the moon. And we give up half our lives… a very important part if we don’t honor the Night. The everflowing balance of Dark and Light is what makes the world beautiful.

Four. Wild things happen in the light of the Moon. We’re no longer the allies of the Wild. We’re so mixed up about the Wild that we think we can take selfies with bears. And we can. We just die when we do, because, it’s a bear — those cute little things with the big paws and claws… But it’s only when the domestic and the wild, the prey and the preditor walk side by side, honoring the others’ existence that life is full and balanced.

Five. Magic happens by the light of the moon. We fall in love. We find ourselves and one another beautiful.

More? As I find ’em, I’ll list ’em…

But for now, Let’s gather in the moonlight and dance for Peace. Lunacy. Let it happen to us.


Lunacy: The 2015 Peace Year Begins

I’ve been planning this year’s theme since this summer. It’s exciting because I love the Moon and I get to spend the year with my friend Lorraine.

So it’s disconcerting to have been sick (and to continue sick) right as we’re changing from la vida local to the Moon. I haven’t been able to lavish as much attention as I would like on this at the beginning. So, like the Moon, we’ll grow into it… we’ll wax and wane all year, what do you say?

I love the Moon because she silvers ever little vida local. Yes I know the Sun does as well, but maybe it’s the intimacy of the night that makes the Moon feel so present. She’s reflective and serene. I could be both of those things more often…

I don’t spend enough time celebrating the Night, the Dark, the Sacred. This year I’m reclaiming it and sharing it with you.

Maybe when it’s Dark, we can examine our souls, without as much heavy judgement, and then, perhaps, make some changes… Because there’s no question that we need to make changes. The world needs our Loving participation. It needs our insistence that all people are worthy and fine. It needs our refusal to allow the status quo of evil and fear and greed to continue. May we be Moon blessed and blessers, may we be moon dancers, may we be those who tip back our heads to let the Moon’s silver slide down our bodies.

Looking forward to the ways our own particular lunacies will unfold this year. But I tell you this, if Peace is going to come, it’s going to be because we decide it’s important… Let’s Dance!