Night, Winter, Peace

I’ve been out every night this week. It’s been cold. It’s been snowy. It’s been starry. It’s been cloudy. It’s been beautiful.

Every night. The cold is dangerous (right, please put your coats on teenagers, this is real cold. And remember, before you start complaining, the Sun is dangerous, too!) But the beauty is worth negotiating the trials. The stars. The snow. Even the bracing cold… that air in your lungs is clarifying. I love the high dark starry skies and the low grey snowy ones.

Button up your overcoat. Get out there and be part of the Beauty. That enjoyment you feel is the same enjoyment everyone does!

Peace in the Winter Dark. Ahhhh… Share it with me.

Get Out in the Peace of a Winter’s Night

Cold weather, clear skies and stars! Nothing more extraordinary.

And yet it’s become extraordinary. No where near enough walking around outside in the dark. It’s a fun family exercise; it’s a fun neighborhood exercise.

And the dark and the cold are beautiful. They’re an integral part of life.

What if we all just decided not to hate winter this year. What if we decided to embrace it and it’s unbelievable beauty?

Why throw away half of life? Especially when it’s beautiful!

Peace is in the long Winter’s night. Promise.



The Peace of a Winter’s Night

There are so few perfect Winter nights. I know, this year’s column is all about being at Peace whatever comes, but those spectacular winter evenings when there’s snow on the ground and you go outside into the quiet Darkness.

I love the nights that are not the in-between nights best. If it’s snowing, that’s great — Gambol in the snow! If it’s clear it’s amazing — Bundle up and tip your head back to watch the sky.

Trish’s picture really caught the magic of a perfect Winter’s night.

I hadn’t realized, there seem to be far more great Summer evenings. Get a warm night and out you head to the ice cream stand… You could, if you didn’t care about your hips, do that several times a week.

But these perfect Winter nights? There are only a couple to savor each Winter. Inertia can keep you from getting out and enjoying… and then you miss it!

There is Peace in a beautiful Winter’s night. Don’t miss it!