The Peace of a Winter’s Night

There are so few perfect Winter nights. I know, this year’s column is all about being at Peace whatever comes, but those spectacular winter evenings when there’s snow on the ground and you go outside into the quiet Darkness.

I love the nights that are not the in-between nights best. If it’s snowing, that’s great — Gambol in the snow! If it’s clear it’s amazing — Bundle up and tip your head back to watch the sky.

Trish’s picture really caught the magic of a perfect Winter’s night.

I hadn’t realized, there seem to be far more great Summer evenings. Get a warm night and out you head to the ice cream stand… You could, if you didn’t care about your hips, do that several times a week.

But these perfect Winter nights? There are only a couple to savor each Winter. Inertia can keep you from getting out and enjoying… and then you miss it!

There is Peace in a beautiful Winter’s night. Don’t miss it!