Lunacy’s Wild Peace

I started writing about the Moon for a few reasons. The list grew as I was writing about it…

One. I’ve always loved the Moon. I love that she is calm and reflective. I love that she is beautiful. I love that she changes yet remains the same. I love that she calls to me.

Two. She rules our lives in ways we don’t often acknowledge… she particularly plays with the tides of women’s bodies. (I almost remember).

Three. She rules the Night. As a culture, we aren’t out in the night anymore. Bad things happen we’re told. Women get rapped, be afraid. And we do. More often we’re raped at home, so better we should get outside for a breath of fresh Air once in a while. Because the Dark is Beautiful and so is the moon. And we give up half our lives… a very important part if we don’t honor the Night. The everflowing balance of Dark and Light is what makes the world beautiful.

Four. Wild things happen in the light of the Moon. We’re no longer the allies of the Wild. We’re so mixed up about the Wild that we think we can take selfies with bears. And we can. We just die when we do, because, it’s a bear — those cute little things with the big paws and claws… But it’s only when the domestic and the wild, the prey and the preditor walk side by side, honoring the others’ existence that life is full and balanced.

Five. Magic happens by the light of the moon. We fall in love. We find ourselves and one another beautiful.

More? As I find ’em, I’ll list ’em…

But for now, Let’s gather in the moonlight and dance for Peace. Lunacy. Let it happen to us.


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