Whom Does the Moon Call to Peace?

Whew. Thank Goodness I corrected the title before people had a chance to think I didn’t know what a direct object was. I spent a lot of time trying to teach teenagers the difference in English so they could learn it in French!

One of the sweet realizations of this year’s moon project is that everyone loves the Moon. The stories are piling in… I saw the Moon… I remember when I saw the Moon… I danced by the light of the Moon… We love the Moon at home. We love the Moon over water, forest, desert, and plain… We’ve told stories in the Moonlight that were magical and stories that revealed hopes and dreams and broken hearts… From what I hear, in just these three short days, the Moon seems to call a lot of us to attention…

Send those stories. (I’m wallowing in them. I know idea what I’ll do with them besides take pleasure in them…) Remember them… The Moon shines her silver balm down on us… let’s let that gentle Peace spread — because we need to find some Balance and some Peace, for Love is needed in all the cracks and crevices of the world…LunacyWolfMoonJan3

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