Sabbath Full Moon Peace Lunacy

The tradition that introduced me to a life regulated by the turnings of the moon always held that the Dark, First and Last Quarters and the Full Moon were always celebrated for three days.

Particularly the Dark and the Full Moons exert the deepest pull on the tides — but it’s a gradual thing. So for three days apiece every month we will celebrate on those energies.

This is the first of those celebrations… the Full Wolf Moon. We may not see much of her, but she’s bringing the cold.

The Moon is celebrated for many things and one of them is for its draw on the littles of the world. I love this story of a little boy out to demand snow of the moon. May he be as daring as he ages in dancing for Peace. There is no greater (or more wonderful) Lunacy.

Enjoy the day, my dears. We’re having a rainy Sunday, a last chance to get the house in order before school starts again. So I wish you a joyous and beautiful Full Moon that includes dances for both snow and Peace.


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