Lunacy: The 2015 Peace Year Begins

I’ve been planning this year’s theme since this summer. It’s exciting because I love the Moon and I get to spend the year with my friend Lorraine.

So it’s disconcerting to have been sick (and to continue sick) right as we’re changing from la vida local to the Moon. I haven’t been able to lavish as much attention as I would like on this at the beginning. So, like the Moon, we’ll grow into it… we’ll wax and wane all year, what do you say?

I love the Moon because she silvers ever little vida local. Yes I know the Sun does as well, but maybe it’s the intimacy of the night that makes the Moon feel so present. She’s reflective and serene. I could be both of those things more often…

I don’t spend enough time celebrating the Night, the Dark, the Sacred. This year I’m reclaiming it and sharing it with you.

Maybe when it’s Dark, we can examine our souls, without as much heavy judgement, and then, perhaps, make some changes… Because there’s no question that we need to make changes. The world needs our Loving participation. It needs our insistence that all people are worthy and fine. It needs our refusal to allow the status quo of evil and fear and greed to continue. May we be Moon blessed and blessers, may we be moon dancers, may we be those who tip back our heads to let the Moon’s silver slide down our bodies.

Looking forward to the ways our own particular lunacies will unfold this year. But I tell you this, if Peace is going to come, it’s going to be because we decide it’s important… Let’s Dance!


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