Magnificent Dark Moon Peace Sky

Immediately after posting yesterday, I was poking around on FB and lo! and behold, my niece had just posted an incredible vid of the Andromeda Galexy that NASA has released. You thought you were insignificant yesterday, simply staring up at the stars? Whew!

My friend Jim reminded me of the importance of our task as appreciator of the beauty.

I find that the beauty moves me even more strongly to embrace Peace, to declare myself its ally and one of its creators.

The Universe reminds us that there is both overwhelming Abundance and breath-taking Beauty. Let’s lean back, look up, remember that our neighbors are just as awestruck as we, and let’s make a celebration of Peace and Love.

It may be through out this year as we look at the Moon with Lorraine’s beautiful Moon Shots and reflect on the Lunacy of Peace to which the Moon calls us, that the Dark Moon might become a very special celebration of the festival of the Dark of the Moon — the time when we stop and take stock of the immensity of our Cosmos and the call to respond to that wonder and awe with Peace.



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