Dark Moon — New Moon Peace Lunacy

And so it ends. And so it begins again.

Both have meaning. And in between is a pause. The silence. Sometimes, as an centenarian drummer told my husband — you have to play the silence.

Stop. Listen to the Stillness. Stop. Notice how strong you are. Stop. Take stock of what needs to be done and what skills you have to .

People say you can’t work on Peace until you’re at Peace yourself. Peace is hard enough without waiting till each individual’s craziness settles down! Peace is out there as well as in here… at the Dark of the Moon is a good time to Listen.

Breathe that Peace in and begin to wonder how you might contribute to the Peace cause.

What is your role, now that you notice the needs and your strengths?

Every month you have this built in pause to reassess. Use it. Luxuriate in it.

Soon that little crescent will start making herself known. But for the moment, Pause. Breathe it in. Take a moment before as the prayer says, we forgive ourselves and begin again in love.

May the Lunacy of Peace be with you…


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