Peace at the Dark of the Moon

I love the Dark of the Moon… I love the Moon in all her guises, but there’s something about the Mystery of this time, when the moon is invisible to us but continues to have her way with the tides.

I like that she is there, even when I can’t see her. I like that she is always strong.

I find it a wonderful metaphor for women’s strengths. We’re not always using all our strength, but it’s always there. Sometimes we need to visit the Dark and Lovely parts of ourselves.

Too often we think of the pieces of ourselves that we hide away as weak. But the Moon isn’t weak when she goes away. She’s weakest when she shines, when she can only reflect what is offered. But she exerts the same pull on the Earth facing us or turned away. Her gravitational pull is the strongest when she’s Full and when she’s Dark. Interesting, eh?

Peace — how are we strong for Peace? How do we shine it out in the world? How do we stay strong when we’re turned away from the world… and continue doing our work…

Hmmm. this has got me thinking. More later. In the meantime, it’s MLK day. go out and do something good for the world…


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