Can All Have Hunger Moon Peace?

Snow Moon is far more romantic than Hunger Moon, don’t you think? And yet, snow in this case isn’t just a beautiful covering, it’s also that which traditionally prevented us from hunting, fishing, or gathering our food. Snowtires and good roads have made many snow realities a thing of the past.

Unfortunately, they’ve done nothing to eradicate hunger.

The dangerous snows of today’s Hunger Moon are poverty, income inequality, lack of work.

I can address the storms and drifts only with my voting and political will. But I have a little shovel that I can dig into the local hunger. And if I can, I must. Time to but my back into, time to use my strength.

Peace is, but it also waits for me to make it. It waits for you too. Why shouldn’t we be the snows of philanthropy and good will? Are we willing to make the difference?


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