Peace Day is Every Day

Yesterday was International Peace Day. It is widely celebrated in much of the world, yet barely rates a mention here in the US.

Here’s The UN Call for Peace. The slogan for the year, this wildly warring year, is “Partnerships for Peace — Dignity for All.”

And of course the dances of peace and the celebrations are held on the 21st. But the question of questions is what are we doing today and all the rest of the days of the year to promote Peace. Here’s what a young high-school friend of mine, Reese, already a strong advocate for Peace wrote yesterday:

“On the 25th of September at the United Nations, 193 world leaders will adopt the Global Goals. They’re a series of 17 ambitious goals to end poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and tackle climate change for everyone by 2030. The campaign aims to make the goals famous and push for their full implementation. If the goals become famous, and if people really care about what has been promised by politicians, then it gives them a much greater chance of being put into action. So today, on International Day of Peace, along with the UN and many others, I would really like you all to help make the goals famous and ensure they become a reality. Out of the 17 goals, pick the one that means the most to you and share it with everyone! I chose 2: Zero Hunger. This is how I’m sharing, what are you doing? Here’s a link to the 17 goals!”

In my life, right now, I’m working on ending hunger, gender equality, and reduced inequalities… What are you working on? I’m working locally because I’ve found that’s where I’m most effective. I’m pairing with people and groups like ThinkPeace Workshop for Girls, which has inspired young Reese, because they’re working and thinking globally as well and with Undoing Racism because they’re doing right here on-the-ground difference making.

So I invite us to consider the goals and to choose one to hold in our hearts and to work on with all our being.

Peace is the gift we can give the world in celebration of its astonishing abundance. Why wouldn’t we do that?


Huh! Watermelon Monday Peace!

It was a great church potluck — it always is. Yup! there’s cooks in that community.

But once I got back in my car I realized oh, i hadn’t been a contributor. Because there sat the bowl of watermelon that I’d carefully prepared the night before. the big bowl. One that would hold the entire watermelon. You know, that one.

I don’t cook much, but I occasionally pull it together enough to help fill the table. And who doesn’t like watermelon? And how much longer will they be around? It’s a long time without watermelon.


Although let’s be clear. I’ve eaten my way through a watermelon before! It’s not an onerous chore!

Far from it.

And I guess I’d better go start to be the woman who gets a job done.

There are worse assignments in the world than making Peace with a bowlful of watermelon and the end of summer.


Today and Everyday Peace

Every day. We have to find the Peace of every day. What is wonderful, beautiful and worth celebrating about today?

And then how do we take that Beauty and use it to give us energy for the road.

It bothers me that we spend such time wishing away the moment. People are complaining about winter when it’s 90 degrees and about as humid as a day could get.

And right now, the food is so good you can barely stand it! We’re so lucky. But food will be good but different as each season changes. There’s always something to rejoice about and without the difference in the seasons, this part wouldn’t be so incredible.

So, here’s to every thing wonderful. yum, yum, yum. And here’s to today. Hope you enjoy it. Hope you make Peace.



Abundance. Peace.

This is the time of year when it’s easy to comprehend Abundance. Look at any garden. Count your blessings in numbers and varieties. Although, you may also, if you’re the gardener, be a little overwhelmed by the chaos, which is the flip side of abundance. We need, I believe, good glasses to find the abundance in chaos — and a lot of deep breathing.

But yes. it is our responsibility to eat tomatoes and tomatoes and tomatoes. They’re here. They’re wonderful. Sure. Put them up as well… but taste them! yummmmmmmm.

And Peaches. And Peppers. And whatever else is tickling your fancy.

Although, it must be said, i don’t feel any responsibility to eat the 45 foot long zucchini!

But enjoy. Give thanks. Don’t take this bounty for granted for one moment. And share.

There’s enough for everyone. Let’s share. Let’s Peace, for goodness’ sake.


Chipping Out Hate for Peace

I know I’ve had these words in my mouth before: institutionalized racism, misogeny, able-bodiedness… i’ve used them all.

But I don’t know that I’ve really looked at how those particular hatreds, or any kind of hatred, became codified and part of the structure.

One of the first things the First Congress took up was who was human and therefore who could vote.

We’ve been fighting against those definitions ever since. They’ve been taken out of law but not out of practice.

Until those of us who have do something to ensure that those who don’t have access nothing will happen.

What is that something? Well, we’re going to have to figure it out. It’s hard work. It will demand unpleasant self-reflections. We must acknowledge that there is abundance and that it must be shared… We must find the balance. We must, we must, we must. yeah i know. You’re not to do that. Nonetheless…

People are depending on us. Peace is depending on us.


Ripe Peach Peace

I totally missed one of my favorite holidays this year because I was traveling. Lammas, the first of August, is always my eat a ripe, juicy peach holiday.

I think there’s nothing more delicious. Nothing more sensual. Nothing more joyful and celebratory of life.

And here we are, with a whole month devoted to such deliciousness! Viva the Fruit Moon!

I think when the fruit is ripe and full, it’s almost a rite of holy obligation to enjoy it if we have the means.  And thinking about it, the other part of that obligation is to find a way for others to enjoy as well. Fruit. We should eat it!

Being in our bodies, completely absorbed in appreciating the beauty and abundance of our Mother Earth is a prayer of Peace. Peacing! Praying! Giving thanks!


Ripe Gardens, The Moon & Peace

In this region, this Moon has been called the Sturgeon Moon, because in the Great Lakes, they are most easily caught during this Moon. It’s also called the Green Corn Moon or the Grain Moon.

But most of us are not Grain gatherers, although I’m sure some of us are. Many people are gardeners. Even if, like me, you aren’t, you can’t escape the wild bounty that’s happening (she says, munching on a French breakfast radish purloined from my landlady’s bounty. Yum.). So Ripe Garden Moon seemed like a great descriptor. I sure hope it stops clouding up long enough to see this Moon!

Let’s celebrate the sheer lunatic abundance of this time. Do it by eating something wonderful from gardens currently going crazy with good. Do it under the light of a slyly shining moon — Why not?

“One is nearer God’s heart in a garden, than anywhere else on Earth.” (Dorothy Frances Gurney). Sweet Summer Peace, Folks!


Sweet Peace of the Road; Sabbath All the Time

I’m on retreat/vacation. Every day’s a Sabbath with me for a while. It’s a wonderful thing and I’m so grateful. I’m being a reading fool. Sometimes a cleaning fool, which IS shocking.

Also a traveling fool. Steve and I took off for Maine for a week and had a wonderful time at our cousins’. Quiet, lovely coastal visit. Lots of oysters. Plenty of lobster. So many books. So many quiet conversations. Piles of Peace and Quiet. Lovely sleeping in the cabin in the woods. Lovely being together. So many blessings it was hard to keep track, let alone count.

We’re good traveling buddies. Talk. Talk. Talk. It’s nice. It was particularly nice doing our night driving on the way home. It was an easy drive with Ms GPS telling me how to get hither thither and yon. So, just lots of comforting darkness. Not even a moon, as it was the dark of the Moon. Just Steve and me and the road.

It was an abundance of plenty. Rejoicing in the Peace.

Now I have a couple more things to do before starting the great writing… but there’s time. Blessed Sabbath to you all… May there be beautiful slow days in your life this summer.

And there was this…