Huh! Watermelon Monday Peace!

It was a great church potluck — it always is. Yup! there’s cooks in that community.

But once I got back in my car I realized oh, i hadn’t been a contributor. Because there sat the bowl of watermelon that I’d carefully prepared the night before. the big bowl. One that would hold the entire watermelon. You know, that one.

I don’t cook much, but I occasionally pull it together enough to help fill the table. And who doesn’t like watermelon? And how much longer will they be around? It’s a long time without watermelon.


Although let’s be clear. I’ve eaten my way through a watermelon before! It’s not an onerous chore!

Far from it.

And I guess I’d better go start to be the woman who gets a job done.

There are worse assignments in the world than making Peace with a bowlful of watermelon and the end of summer.


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