Our Sun Going Nova Is the Least of Our Problems

Questor Earth back A166

Fear, Questor knew, was a useless exercise in controlling the outcomes of anything – it just plain doesn’t work! But the opposite of fear is not ignoring the problem that has caused you fear! The opposite of fear is compassionate action! It seems a good idea for humans to show compassionate action for the next generation of all beings on this blue and green Earth, by repairing the damage already done. But that’s just his opinion – his, and the opinion of many worlds who made the same error in judgement. Not every exploding star is a star – many, in fact, were planets, alas. Remember that the next time you see a so-called super-nova – it might actually just be a stupid-nova!

We Ain’t Got Much, But What We Got…

Questor Earth hold A164

It can be hard to know when you have it good. But so many have it much harder, their grip on gravity tenuous at best. Lean against each other with hope, lend your hand to keep the planet from drifting off course. Chances are you’ll make a friend in the bargain! And who doesn’t need more friends!

You Don’t Need a Plan… You Need Some Fun!

Questor Happening on the run A162

Questor usually ended up someplace no matter what. But doing it without a plan just provided more surprises! And who doesn’t need a few surprises to keep everything interesting?!