A Peace Road

This is a reminder for me that I have a destination from which I do not choose to deviate.

The path is nominally protected. There is life along the path. But it’s where I have to be. Sometimes, like in this picture, the road is straight and true. Other times, it weaves and buckles. But still you travel. Still Peace beckons and longs.

This is the work. This is the Path. Peace.

Today is the shortest day of the year and the longest night for those of us in the North. Time for Dreaming. Time for Story-telling. Time for Gathering. Time for Mending. Time for remembering. Pause tonight with your friends and remember your Peace stories. Then go to sleep and dream of Peace. Blessed Solstice. Blessed Peace.

Standing for Peace

We wondered when planning: How many people would show up. We thought if we got 50, it would be a great start.

How many people care about transsexual health and well-being? Last night we got to see that in this Valley, far more than we knew. It was so reassuring. I’m sure the trans people who were there were reassured.

We all spend so much time complaining about how hard our lives are. They’re not really. And we don’t spend enough time appreciating what we do have.

I’ll tell you, I can’t imagine how hard it must be to be a trans person in this valley. Last night one man at least got to believe that there are those who welcome him. That there’s a Christian church who welcomes him.

That’s worth the world. And it was just a Friday evening in the park. Just a little bit of Peace.

And that was a helluva lot more than some people in that park had ever allowed themselves to dream of.

Peace. We must make it. We must create the space for it. And it’s not that difficult.