Lingering Peace

It must be all the antibiotics. Normally, this time of year, I’m jumping up and down hollering for sunshine. I don’t have much jumping up and down energy right now. And the sun. sheesh… It’s not just the antibiotics, I didn’t have any sun so far this year.

But I think it’s also my energy levels, and maybe that I’m seeing the magic of Sweden summer nights in Lorraine’s photos, but I’m thinking a lot about the summer dusk. Sitting in the long, drawn out, lingering beauty. The Swedes always appreciate it because they know there will be a lot of dark.

There’s something so quiet and fine about those evenings. It’s like time in between real time. And perhaps that’s where Peace lingers until we can slowly bring it into the sunlight. Wishing you lovely dusks to go with your sun-filled days. Wishing you Peace.

A Peace Road

This is a reminder for me that I have a destination from which I do not choose to deviate.

The path is nominally protected. There is life along the path. But it’s where I have to be. Sometimes, like in this picture, the road is straight and true. Other times, it weaves and buckles. But still you travel. Still Peace beckons and longs.

This is the work. This is the Path. Peace.

Today is the shortest day of the year and the longest night for those of us in the North. Time for Dreaming. Time for Story-telling. Time for Gathering. Time for Mending. Time for remembering. Pause tonight with your friends and remember your Peace stories. Then go to sleep and dream of Peace. Blessed Solstice. Blessed Peace.

The Peace of Deep Winter Magic

Anyone who knows me knows¬† can drop into a story between one heartbeat and the next. I’ve always cherished the notion that the animals speak at MidWinter so all can hear. In all the stories I’ve read and written, they speak Peace.

In my story telling mind, everyone speaks Peace except for us. I do what I can, I do what I must, but the humans need a louder chorus.

It’s why I listen to the little creatures in my heart, who want their stories told. I know. There are places I could get locked up and you notice I’m carefully not saying the voices in my head… but if that’s so, they’re usually merry, so why complain?

But seriously, we need Peace. We just found out we’re in a drought. what measures will we take to make the Water safe? And not just safe for us. We kill ourselves, that’s one thing. But all of Nature doesn’t deserve to die because we’re asses.

So tomorrow night, listen for the whispers of the rest of the world. Listen to what the wild has to say. And if you’re not a fan of the Solstice story, it’s also told in the Christian World about Christmas eve…

All they are saying is give Peace a chance. Why won’t we consider this?