Lingering Peace

It must be all the antibiotics. Normally, this time of year, I’m jumping up and down hollering for sunshine. I don’t have much jumping up and down energy right now. And the sun. sheesh… It’s not just the antibiotics, I didn’t have any sun so far this year.

But I think it’s also my energy levels, and maybe that I’m seeing the magic of Sweden summer nights in Lorraine’s photos, but I’m thinking a lot about the summer dusk. Sitting in the long, drawn out, lingering beauty. The Swedes always appreciate it because they know there will be a lot of dark.

There’s something so quiet and fine about those evenings. It’s like time in between real time. And perhaps that’s where Peace lingers until we can slowly bring it into the sunlight. Wishing you lovely dusks to go with your sun-filled days. Wishing you Peace.

The Peace of Lingering

I like change and endings as little as anyone else. OK, maybe less. But there’s something about lingering on these days at the end of the year, trying to squeeze in the fullness that I love.

I don’t do a lot for the holidays, but I do turn on the lights and light the candles. My little red and white Mid-Winter Trees often turn into Valentine trees and twinkle their way through the Winter. ahhhh. Reading. Twinkling. Tea. Writing. Snuggling inside. What’s not to like?

Winter, if we allow it, can be a lesson in presence, lingering in the moment until it’s done. Then you turn the lights out and go to bed. Peace, my friends, through the short grey days and the long, starry nights. Linger in earthly Peace.