Winter Beauty and Peace, llvl

It’s difficult not to talk about the weather. It’s very cold and there’s snow coming. Snow!

And yet, it’s so beautiful. The icy clarity of a day like today — well, there’s really nothing to compare it to. The focus is so sharp, there’s such precision to the world this morning. No sense wasting breath whining about the cold, might as well just admire!

Gotta drive across the river today, it’s as close as it’s going to come to iced over. Have to leave the pipes dripping because they are indeed iced over. It’s a good day to have lunch with some friends and listen to music tonight in a warm tavern and sweet community.

The weather is what it is, might as well enjoy it. Being dissatisfied with you life doesn’t help anyone — and mostly it doesn’t help you.

Now while the sky is bright and blue, give thanks — and allow yourself to be astounded by the beauty (what’s outside your door and the magic Deb Slade caught in this picture!)! And then consider how making Peace with what is helps us to make Peace in the direction of what should be.


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