The Peace of Snow Moon Community

Shoulder to shoulder around the fire. Or at a restaurant. Or at the theater.

The weather’s totally impossible right now. So it’s a good time to snuggle up and get to know you neighbors. Take a chance on finding new people to know and connect with.

Someone just wrote on her facebook page: What to do when it is 7 degrees outside? Have a warm breakfast with good friends and then it goes up to 12….whoo hoo! I responded, see, friendship works miracles. (thanks Benita, you little community builder, weather magician, you!).

It’s not always easy to make connections, and yet it’s so important. And in this season of the cold and frosty Snow Moon, we can use some heart-warming encounters.

Yesterday, I went with a bunch of people to see Art at the local ensemble theater. Oh, we’re so lucky; we have a fabulous theater group in Bloomsburg. But if you don’t live around here, there’s someplace else wonderful to gather; something to spark an interesting conversation.

These small acts of community are beginning acts of Peace. There is great strength in Community. People say it’s Lunacy to go out in this weather. Ah but that’s just their thinking of lunacy as crazyness and not as sacred inspiration! Lunacy has a leading role to play in Peace.



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