Soft Sabbath Snow Peace

Here where I live, the snow is gathering itself to fall. Hopefully there will be a bunch so the full Moon has something to sparkle on!

I love the silence of the snow. I love the way it makes the world slow, especially if it’s falling hard. On a Sunday afternoon, that means I’m free to snuggle in… or wander around in the beauty. Ah, that’s a Sabbath I have to like!

Pretty fun!

Winter… everyone’s been trying to get rid of it — far too prematurely if you ask me — but in ancient Northern European calendars spring begins today on Candlemas. You have to have noticed that the sun changed, right? I’m dreaming in the morning… this is the only time of the year I dream, as the light begins to infiltrate my morning snoozing.

We’re halfway between deepest Winter and lightest Spring. And out here close to Punxsutawney, we know it! We’re about to haul Phil’s butt out of bed to prognostigate. In preparation for Monday, Here are a Phew Phun Phil Phacts (sorry, I couldn’t help myself.): They hibernate about 150 days. Their temperature drops from 99 to 37, their heartbeat slows from 80 beats per minute to 5, and their breathing drops from 16 breaths per minute to as little as two. I got the gender wrong on this musing. The males awaken about now to visit all the females in their territory, so that when their very small window of opportunity for whistle-pig love opens (about 4-6 weeks later in March). Thus the time period… (it must have been much the same for hedgehogs, because that’s who all the original myths are built on!) The females are obviously still working on their beauty sleep. So they don’t care about the weather, just their hormones!


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