Snow Moon, Groundhog Lunacy, Peace Anniversaries

Well big surprise, Phil saw his shadow. But since we found out it was just Phil looking for love, once he figured out which doors to knock on, it’s no big surprise that we’ll have to burrow in for another six weeks. Boy’s gotta build up his strength…

Once again I have been deceived by the snow Moon who promised big snow Love, but delivered rain instead. Ah well, I got a workout in shoveling out my steps… Some wonderful person blew the rest of the (not as much as promised) snow away. Hurrah for neighbors. And good for me. I have to build up my strength as well so I get to keep having a fabulous life.

This is my day of days. It’s a day of great memories. It’s a day when I’ve made important promises and today I get to celebrate keeping them. I committed to being a Priestess. I have kept that vow. I came home to be with and care for my parents. I kept that promise and did the same for my sister. I made my promises to Steve and I have kept those vow.s Makes me very happy. Yesterday I celebrated Priestess stuff. I remember my family every day and since Steve plays tonight then we’ll celebrate with his music and tomorrow have a more private hurrah.

I’ve been building Peace in my life. I thank the many of you who hold me to those expectations of creating the Peace in my own life and working in the community to center our work on creating space for people to experience Peace and get on board the Peace Train.

But I invite you to join me in the happy dance for Peace… Celebrate, celebrate! dance to the music! (it’s hard work, but someone has to do it!)


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