Peace and Lunacy at the Snow Moon

Big Foot. Yeti. Coming to town.

What is it about humans and their myths?

No really, we saw him. Boston. Well, we didn’t see him. Someone did. Pictures!

I once sat next to a guy in a waiting room, when Deb was getting cancer treatments, who was devoting what was left of his life to seeing Big Foot. (he’s all over PA, don’t you know). If that isn’t a metaphor for miracles, I don’t know what is. (and people only see one… never a family, how do they come into being?)

Now don’t get me wrong, I write poems about Faeries… I adore the notion. It was easy to see in the Swedish woods where the stories come from. (I’m not sure that I started out to write a Yeti-denier post)

But what if we kept our Lunacy for working on things like Peace? Wouldn’t the world be better for that?

And let the poor guy with big feet get himself a beer and a hamburger on a cold and wintry day?

Because I’m not really sure what Bigfoot’s going to do to change the world. But I’m pretty sure that Peace is a wild and wonderful idea under the Snow Moon. Let’s hear it for Peace.


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