Cold Snow Moon Lunacy and Peace

What is it about bright, cold, sunshiny days that spark us to flurries of good work?

I don’t know, but i’ll take it!

I tend to work on many projects which is a mixed blessing. I love it, but whoo, sometimes i get a bit confused and a bit distracted!

But then there’s a day like yesterday and I’m off!

Hard sometimes to keep all the plates spinning at once, or in the image i used in the musing, to keep the right spices in the right soups and to keep them on simmer rather than boil!

And yet, who knows what magic can happen in the midst of the luncacy…

You have to be open. But you also need to be deliberate and occasionally careful… you need some structure to support the wildness.

So… Play to your strengths. Plan. Get your ingredients laid out in their appropriate groups. Then turn on some great chants or a loud and defiant aria; and go wild. Lunacy and Magic are not happenstantial occurrences! They’re very hard work

Create! It’s what you were born to do… It can lead to astonishing feats of Peace. what more could you ask?


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