Making Peace with the Clothes You Wear

Clothing can be hard. What is everyone wearing and how do I look in it?

But at some point, we have to decide what we like, what are we comfortable in, and what becomes us. And then whittle the rest of our stuff away.

I’ll admit, i love clothes. My Mom started her art career in fashion. She spent a life time looking at clothes and the way they fell on bodies. She taught me to look. I love to look.

As I gained weight my sense of who I was and what I wore was rocked. It wasn’t as simple as it always was. So I retreated a bit, retooled. I still get confused, but color is back.

I noticed as I was loosing my family my sense of color changed as well. I didn’t describe it as such, but I wore mourning. Sure there were always pops of color, but I rarely pushed the black aside.

Today, I sit here in red shorts and red and white shirt happily writing about color.

For me, liking my look helps me like who I am. Liking who I am helps me gain balance and self-confidence. Feeling balanced, I’m a better Peacemaker. I didn’t know it, but all my life that’s who I’ve wanted to be. Clothing… shallow or armor… it depends who we are, doesn’t it? How do you make Peace, and what do you wear to do it? Some will stop and think. Some will just get up get dressed and get going. That’s the beauty of this world, isn’t it? But as I said in the message I put out last night with this, the way you wear your hat should please you most of all! Get snazzy with your Peacemaking!