Hilda and Mats and the Lost Sack of Presents

Every year I settle down to write a Holiday Story. I usually get it done earlier, but this year I had an Anti-Gun-Violence vigil on top of my other responsibilities. And I was tired. I didn’t know if there was even a story in me. But it seems there was. I actually now have another story flirting with me…

I’ve tucked the Story of Hilda and Mats below. They’re two young gnome children, who inspire their village to save the village of Winfield’s Christmas. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, share it with your friends. It was fun to write.

I hope your holiday is lovely and filled with everything that matters to you.

I wish us all Peace in this season, and in the year to come.



Proclaiming Peace and a Full Moon in Advent

Oh! It sounds as if we’ll have to hope, hope, hope to see this year’s last Full Moon. Lots of rain in our forecast — which we need… Weather’s completely out of whack… but Monday they predict snow! Ah but whether or not we see it, there will be a full Moon. Even if Santa flies above the clouds, he’s going to need Rudolph’s help to get to the right addresses here on the ground…

Oh, right, Peace. I think it’s important to voice our allegiances. We must say out loud that Peace matters, and that we are dedicated to it. It reinforces it in our own hearts/minds/bodies and it lets the world know that we care about Peace. That they can care about Peace. That we can make a difference.

It’s our difference to make. Politicians will be politicians. People in power will protect their vested interests. We, the people, we get to model the Love that we will then demand of our elected officials.

At its heart, Advent is a time of preparation and dedication. Do we want Peace on Earth? We need to consider this. And if our answer is the resounding Yes! I hope it is, we need to proclaim it and commit to it.

Today a Muslim family was flying from Gatwick to Florida to go to Disneyland and were barred from boarding a plane. Who are we? We get to answer that question. Today I was a proud signer of a letter to the editor in our local paper decrying Islamaphobia. Proclaim Peace. Our humanity demands it. People’s safety depends upon it. Peace be with you.

Alternative Advent – December 23: 15¢ for every bedroom you have in your house.