Full, Fall Moon

Fall has arrived and the temperatures and the leaves are both falling. The Full Hunter Moon, however is on the rise, glorious and huge.

It makes me think of bonfires and football games and digging out winter clothes for the first time. Why wool shorts were such a thing, when I was a kid, I’ll never know, but they were, and my mom made me a beautiful pair of rust plaid ones. (Remember when seams always matched?) I had a sweater set (purchased with money I’d made at the Fair) and knee highs to match. I was styling. (oh, my mom could sew!)

But the Moon is beautiful. Here‘s an article that tells you exactly why it will be so beautiful!

Tonight I’m going out on the river at dusk. I’ll watch the Sun set and the Moon rise and listen to our Riverkeeper talk as we eat dumplings and ride the Paddlewheeler, Hiawatha. I love when doing my work is a thing of beauty.

Enjoy the Moon, my friends. I wish you the Peace of its Beauty! May the glow of the Moon help to heal the world’s brokenness…


Proclaiming Peace and a Full Moon in Advent

Oh! It sounds as if we’ll have to hope, hope, hope to see this year’s last Full Moon. Lots of rain in our forecast — which we need… Weather’s completely out of whack… but Monday they predict snow! Ah but whether or not we see it, there will be a full Moon. Even if Santa flies above the clouds, he’s going to need Rudolph’s help to get to the right addresses here on the ground…

Oh, right, Peace. I think it’s important to voice our allegiances. We must say out loud that Peace matters, and that we are dedicated to it. It reinforces it in our own hearts/minds/bodies and it lets the world know that we care about Peace. That they can care about Peace. That we can make a difference.

It’s our difference to make. Politicians will be politicians. People in power will protect their vested interests. We, the people, we get to model the Love that we will then demand of our elected officials.

At its heart, Advent is a time of preparation and dedication. Do we want Peace on Earth? We need to consider this. And if our answer is the resounding Yes! I hope it is, we need to proclaim it and commit to it.

Today a Muslim family was flying from Gatwick to Florida to go to Disneyland and were barred from boarding a plane. Who are we? We get to answer that question. Today I was a proud signer of a letter to the editor in our local paper decrying Islamaphobia. Proclaim Peace. Our humanity demands it. People’s safety depends upon it. Peace be with you.

Alternative Advent – December 23: 15¢ for every bedroom you have in your house.


Long Night Moon, Lunacy, Peace

It’s the Full Moon. Only this one and one more Full Moon this year. Only one more time to be infected with the joyful Lunacy of 2015.

The Full Moon is a time to dare. It’s a time to accept encouragement. It’s a time for boldness.

Every Full Moon that happens, i say, Oh, this is my favorite one… and sure enough, this is my favorite one. (at least this month!)

It’s cold, it’s clear, and it’s beautiful. I am full of energy and thanksgiving.

Tomorrow, I get to do what may be my favorite wedding of my entire time. My 71 yo cousin is marrying her 78 yo beau and they are as giddy as any 21 year olds. And ain’t Love grand!

Peace be with you. Safe travels to all who are on the road this weekend. Safe home when it is over. And Hurrah! and Peace! and Joy! ‘Tis the season!