Quiet, Grateful Peace

Second Day Christmas is a lovely day in my world. On the second day of many holidays, Steve and I make our way to his brother’s house by the river and celebrate with his family in a lovely and low key celebration. After all the excitement of presents and crowds, there is quite love and a twinkling tree and leftovers watching the river go by and the eagles sail.

Today only deepens the gratitude. Christmas is hard for me because I’ve lost so many in the family… and yet here is this part of my family, faithful and present.

And that fills my heart! And strengthens me for the journey.

I wish you a lovely day filled with Love and Peace. Twelve of them, since that’s how long we’re to celebrate! And if we can do it for twelve days, maybe we can keep going!


Hilda and Mats and the Lost Sack of Presents

Every year I settle down to write a Holiday Story. I usually get it done earlier, but this year I had an Anti-Gun-Violence vigil on top of my other responsibilities. And I was tired. I didn’t know if there was even a story in me. But it seems there was. I actually now have another story flirting with me…

I’ve tucked the Story of Hilda and Mats below. They’re two young gnome children, who inspire their village to save the village of Winfield’s Christmas. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, share it with your friends. It was fun to write.

I hope your holiday is lovely and filled with everything that matters to you.

I wish us all Peace in this season, and in the year to come.



Welcoming Peace

Peace is a tiny tentative thing, in need of our nurturance and tender care.

For me, this is the heart of the Christmas message, this is what I wish for us all, that we be those who welcome and care for Peace.

Tomorrow Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus, their Savior, a baby, whose life’s work was Love and Peace.

Whatever we celebrate tomorrow and even if we don’t celebrate, may we all welcome Peace and Love.

Alternative Advent – December 24: 5¢ for every blanket in your house.

To finish out this series, it’s suggested that you donate 15¢ for every gift a member of your family received…




Savoring Advent, Savoring Peace

This time of year there are so many memories. Not all of them are wonderful. Some downright not-so-great. But others are grand. Life, eh?

But this time is filled with more than memories of activities; it’s filled with festal foods. Not all of them are wonderful. Some downright not-so-great. But others are grand. Food, eh?

In the same way that I get overcome by the flurry that is the holidays, I can be overcome by the sheer volume of foods shoved our way. My balance lies in finding the foods I adore and keep for this holiday. (Isn’t that what that phrase “keeping Christmas” really means? Keeping the things that belong to that holiday to that holiday. But people wear themselves out, they throw more and more expectations on tiny little holidays that bend and break under the pressure.) Ponder in your heart. Savor in your mouth.

What tastes do you savor during the Winter Holidays? What little luxuries make your mouth and your heart happy? What are your festal foods?

It’s time to celebrate with (small amounts of) those foods that bring those happy memories back. It’s time to ditch those foods that offer reminders of holidays gone bad.

Whatever holidays you keep, may you keep them in joy and love and savor the tastes that make them rich for you. It’s time to give yourself Peace during these wonderful, treacherous days. It’s time to give the world Peace. Here, have a cranberry orange cookie. My sister and I perfected the recipe. Peace in your hearts (and in your mouths!), my friends!

And in the meantime?

Alternative Advent – December 18: 1¢ for every song on a mobile device in your family.