Dancing for and with Peace

This gorgeous photo of dancing water reminds us to dance.

Wherever we are. Whatever we’re doing. Simply because life is beautiful.

Simply because we are able to dance.

I know a young-ish (at least to me) guy who went to the hospital yesterday because there was snow, he shoveled and wasn’t in shape to do so.

We owe ourselves that. We owe Life that. I owe the Goddess those thanks. I think about how frequently I’m ungrateful to my body. There were so many years I didn’t swim — or do anything. And now, i feel good again. Good enough that I shoot baskets with my grandson. What’s that worth? Pretty damn priceless. What did i get out of it? A purple Minecraft palace that will be called Queen Ann’s Palace rather than Queen Grannianni’s Palace because that seemed too old for him! I’ll take that!

So Dance… If there’s anything this world needs right now, it’s a dance!

Alone. In Community. Dance!

Dance because in Peace there is a lot of Dance!

Dance with Me Peace!

I like to dance, although I haven’t done as much lately. And alas, my beau’s gig where you could dance is disappearing for a bit.

I like to dance with partners and I like to dance in a group. We need more dancing.

But what I really love about dance, I haven’t done for years. It’s time on the floor where  you are completely outside yourself and inside the music and you dance. and then, all of a sudden there’s a person next to you. You’re not together. You’re just moved to move.

The joy is overwhelming. In fact, it’s so overwhelming, it’s contagious. I love how these two kids are standing by one another and yet completely unaware of the other… but the first kid gave the second permission.

What if we let ourselves be taken by the joy again? This is a universal impulse.

We squash it out of folks at a young age.

We should stop that.

We should Peace. Because I’m convinced this could be part of it.

Let’s Dance for Peace

It’s something we all have. For some of us it lasts a lifetime. Most of us, however, tamp it down early. But if there’s anything that’s infectious, it’s a beat.

We’re having a party to read the constitution. Maybe we should have a party to just dance. To let the music move us and to recognize we are in the same place, all of us… happy, laughing… stunned by the Beauty.

We’ve all heard the drums of war. What beat do the drums of good neighbors and Peace keep? What beats make us burst into spontaneous laughter and joy.

Shouldn’t we find out?

Peace. Could we consider giving it a chance.


Peace, Peace, cha-cha-cha, llvl

Ah, it’s sweet to dance. Sometimes, I take my life for granted and then I remember, wait Steve Mitchell has my back beat! oh, yay! And I’ve got my good friend Sue who loves to dance, and so we do. Week after week. And then sometimes, one or the other of us is away and boom, we’re back in it. Welcome to living my wonderful little vida local!

Having been “the tall girl in class” I always had to lead anyway, so i got some practice there, and Sue’s a great follower — at least in dance. In other things she’s a heckuva leader!

And dancing is pretty completely disconnected from my brain in any conscious way… once in a while I’ll find myself saying, oh, try this… but that’s sorta it. Mostly it’s just rhythmic Joy — choreographed laughter.

How excited was I when my poet friend Tom wrote this? Very!

Good one today …
Everyday too
But this one’s
With cowbells

Cowbells and Peace. cha-cha-cha.