Dancing for and with Peace

This gorgeous photo of dancing water reminds us to dance.

Wherever we are. Whatever we’re doing. Simply because life is beautiful.

Simply because we are able to dance.

I know a young-ish (at least to me) guy who went to the hospital yesterday because there was snow, he shoveled and wasn’t in shape to do so.

We owe ourselves that. We owe Life that. I owe the Goddess those thanks. I think about how frequently I’m ungrateful to my body. There were so many years I didn’t swim — or do anything. And now, i feel good again. Good enough that I shoot baskets with my grandson. What’s that worth? Pretty damn priceless. What did i get out of it? A purple Minecraft palace that will be called Queen Ann’s Palace rather than Queen Grannianni’s Palace because that seemed too old for him! I’ll take that!

So Dance… If there’s anything this world needs right now, it’s a dance!

Alone. In Community. Dance!

Dance because in Peace there is a lot of Dance!

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