Sweet Sexy Spring Peace

Yes it snowed. It’s March. It’ll snow in April too. it’s cold and chilly. But remember: Spring’s about the light!

All the the things the Pink Moon promises are happening. The earth is thawing, trees are changing colors if not bursting into leaf, the birds are singing, singing, singing.

And the flowers don’t care about this silly snow. they’re still heeding the siren song of the Sun.

Weather is what it is. I believe it’s time to work on the environment. There are awful, human caused changes happening. But somethings are what they are. The average temperature in March where I live is 39˚. having a skiff of snow on the ground — pretty darned normal.

And come April, says the woman who keeps asking us to live in the present, I’m going to hope for cool weather, because when it stays cool the violets continue to rampage! But even then the average temp is only 50˚… for the month…

But while we’re complaining and shivering, the birds and bees are going right along with what they need to do.

And that’s a wonderful thing. Let’s make Peace with what is, shall we? Spring is a slow unfolding. And it’s absolutely beautiful.



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